2017/18 Contest Year
19 – 22 APRIL 2018



AIAA Online
Submission System

The entry process and all reports will be submitted through the AIAA online system this year. No EMAILED SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

The online system will open and close automatically. It is the team's responsibility to ensure that all pertinent documents and information are entered into the system during each cycle of the competition.

The team roster form can be found in Resources - All Teams or accessed here.



  1. Login to the site using your AIAA username and password.
    • Note: The person submitting the original application (Letter of Intent) will be responsible for submitting ALL other materials 
  2. For the Letter of Intent, select Begin Application for the Design/Build/Fly Competition (see Fig. 1)
  3. For the Design Report, you will need to select "Needs Attention" from your list of applications (See Fig 2) and then open the application (See Fig 3)
  4. IMPORTANT: To finalize your entry for a particular phase of the competition you must select Save and Finalize. If you do not select Save and Finalize by the deadline, you have NOT submitted your entry for that phase of the competition.


Begin Application     Application Phase 2 part 1      Application Phase 2 part 2

                   Figure 1                                                                   Figure 2                                                         Figure 3

Pertinent dates and documents are:

 Phase 1 – DBF General Entry Form (statement of Intent to Compete)

  • Submissions received Oct 15-31
  • Required:
    • Basic Team Contact Information
    • Team Roster (Excel file)
    • Proposal (PDF file)

    Phase 2 – Final Design Reports

    • Submissions received Feb 1-22
    • Required:
      • Final Design Report (PDF file)
      • Three View Drawing – Labeled (PDF file)
    • Optional
      • Team Roster Update
      • Onsite Contact - Name, email, Mobile Number

    Failure to Save and Finalize by 5pm Eastern Time (USA) on the last day will result in your team being eliminated from the competition. There is no allowance for computer, internet, or power outage, or any other type of error beyond the control of the Organizing Committee.

    Failure to upload appropriate and complete documentation that is requested may result in your team being eliminated from the competition.

    Each phase will be reviewed for completeness and/or judged.

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