2018/19 Contest Year
11–14 April 2019
Tucson, AZ

General Information

Please refer to the Rules document for Team Requirements and additional information. Check the rules document carefully as items and approaches that were legal in past years may not be legal for this contest year. Only the contents of this year's Rules package along with the current FAQ and Q&A documents hold bearing on the requirements and/or allowances for the current contest year.

It is the responsibility of the teams to know and follow all provided rules, the FAQ, and all contest day briefings.

Cash prizes are $2500 for 1st, $1500 for 2nd and $1000 for 3rd place. The winning team may be invited to present their design at an AIAA conference. The team with the best Report Score will receive a $100 prize from the Design Engineering Technical Committee.


Questions regarding the contest, schedules, or rules interpretation may be sent to the contest administrator by email at: director@aiaadbf.org.

Questions received prior to the official entry submission date will not be answered directly. Select questions “may” be answered in the FAQ prior to the entry submission date. Official questions and answers received following the entry submission date will be posted on the website FAQ.

The DBF Organizing Committee will utilize Facebook as an additional means of communicating with the teams during the contest weekend only. This will NOT be a means of communicating rules, FAQ's, protests, etc., but only used in case of emergencies, weather delays or contest weekend schedule updates. Additional information will be included in a contest site/ schedule email to be sent out to the registered teams prior to the fly-off.

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