2016/17 Contest Year
20 – 23 APRIL 2017




Primary Sponsors

Primary Sponsors are organizations that have made significant commitment to the competition and have agreed to continue this commitment for a multi-year or an indefinite amount of time. Their contribution is more than just monetary; it includes a commitment to sending staff and personnel to assist with the flyoff, organizing and hosting the flyoff on a regular rotating basis, allowing staff time to participate in judging both proposals and design reports, and providing assistance in organizing and planning the event as a whole. These sponsors have made a significant contribution to ensuring the competition will continue and grow into the future.


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Gold Sponsors

Gold Sponsors are organizations that have provided significant funding to the competition for a given year. Their contributions help to ensure that the necessary equipment and materials are available at the flyoff, assist in reducing some costs for students (e.g. reducing costs of onsite vendors), and other flyoff related expenses.

In addition to their monetary contributions, some of these sponsors have made software and/or online tools available to the teams that are participating.





Silver Sponsors

Silver sponsors have shown commitment and support to the competition. In some cases this is by providing discounted or free software, in other cases they have made a monetary contribution to this year’s event.

Phil Kitchens, 

AIAA Member


USU AeroLab

CD Adapco  

CD Adapco

MSC Software

MSC Software





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