2016/17 Contest Year
20 – 23 APRIL 2017


Download 2017 DBF Rules



The entry period OPENS 15 October at 8AM (0800) US East Coast Time. No entries will be accepted before that time. A completed entry must be RECEIVED by 5 PM (1700) US East Coast Time on 31 October. Entries will not be accepted before 15 October. Entries will be collected through the online Submission system.

The DBF entry form is different from the ones used for other AIAA student competitions. The DBF entry can be found in Resources.

Be sure to include ALL information requested in the form. We will use the first (valid) entry received so be sure all supplied information is correct the first time.

If AIAA membership has been applied for but a member number has not been issued, use "pending" for the member number in the entry form. The data must then be updated and resubmitted. Team rosters may be resubmitted during the Design Report phase of the competition.

Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.

It is the team's responsibility to make sure the e-mail contact addresses they supply remain active during the entire period from entry to the close of the competition as e-mail will be the primary means to provide information and updates. Do not use an internal team correspondence e-mail list server as your point of contact e-mail address.

Note: The AIAA mail servers will not send e-mail to @hotmail.com addresses. Do NOT use a hotmail address for any of your team contacts or e-mail.


A new requirement this year is to submit the proposal with the entry form via the online Submission system. The entry form and proposal must be submitted by 5 pm (1700) US East Coast Time on 31 October.

The proposals will be scored as defined in the Proposal Requirements section. The top 100 proposals plus any ties will be invited to submit design reports and potentially become eligible for the fly-off. Teams will be notified no later than 18 November if their proposal has been accepted or not.

Design Report:

Design Reports will be submitted using the online system.

The design report submission period OPENS 1 February at 8AM (0800) US East Coast Time. The design report must be submitted by 5 pm (1700) US East Coast Time on 22 February.

Proposals and Reports submitted by email will not be accepted.

Proposals and Reports will be judged “as received”. No corrections/additions/changes will be allowed by the organizers so check your reports carefully before submitting them.

Once a Proposal or Report is submitted, no changes are allowed.

Submission of Proposals and Reports is electronic only (no hard copy required). The details for the electronic format and submission, including a new requirement for a separate 3-view, are at the end of the report section in this rules document.

Contest Flyoff:

The contest flyoff is scheduled for 20-23 April 2017 and is anticipated to run from 12PM (1200) to 6PM (1800) on Thursday, 8AM (0800)to 6PM (1800) on Friday, 7AM (0700)to 6PM (1800) on Saturday, and 7AM (0700) to 5PM (1700) Sunday. Awards will be presented at 5:30PM (1730) on Sunday. All teams should plan their travel so that they may stay for the awards presentations on Sunday. A final contest schedule will be e-mailed to the teams prior to the contest date.

Tech inspections will begin on Thursday and will continue as required on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

To help streamline the contest flow and maximize opportunities for each team to get their flights in, the Tech inspections will be conducted in the same order as the flight rotation (which is based on report scores) so that the first teams inspected will be the first teams in the flight queue. Teams may use the sequence to help estimate when they need to arrive at the contest site to make sure they do not miss their slot in the first tech inspection rotation.

PLEASE NOTE: All schedule deadlines are strictly enforced

  • All deadlines are based on when an entry or submission is Received (Save and Finalize) by Contest officials via the online submission system
  • Late entries will NOT be accepted
  • Late report submissions will be disqualified
  • There is no allowance for computer, internet, or power outages by the submitter, or any other type of error beyond the control of the DBF Organizing Committee
  • Teams which do not submit the required electronic report and 3-view will NOT be allowed to fly
  • It is the team’s responsibility to assure that all deadlines are known, understood and met

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